Weep Wave

Speck on LP and CD

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Speck is the sophomore, full length album by Weep Wave.

Released: April 05, 2023

Pressing Info: First press; Pink w/ Black & White splatter (Label variant of 110) • Black w/ Pink & White splatter (Retail variant of 159) • Pink (Band Variant of 250), Test Pressing (x10) • Gatefold CD (x300)

Half a decade following the launch of their acclaimed debut full-length album, S.A.D., which garnered praise from KEXP, Seattle Music Insider, Raised by Cassettes and Dan's Tunes, Weep Wave makes a compelling return. Marking a new chapter in their trajectory, the band presents a cosmic shift in vision, fresh faces, and a brand-new album titled Speck. In this kaleidoscopic record - produced by Dylan Wall (Great Grandpa, Tangerine, Hibou, Versing, Scarves) at Hills Studio in Seattle and mastered by the legendary Jack Endino (Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, L7, Mark Lanegan) - the band embarks on a sonic odyssey through the diverse genres they proudly call home.

Across the dynamic eleven tracks, the journey unfolds: from churning post-punk in "Alternate Reality" to James Murphy-esque electro dance vibes in "Slow Collapse," from thrashing garage beats in "Phasing" to surfy psych undertones in "Surrender," and the haunting slow dirge of "Never Wake Up." With Dylan Fuentes at the helm, and the rhythmic tandem of Mitch Midkiff on bass and Miles Hubbard on drums, Weep Wave unveils their tightest sound and lineup yet.

Fuentes' lyrical prowess oscillates between two contrasting realms, either projecting outward to explore broad concepts like the perils of capitalism and climate change, or plunge inward to scrutinize the self. His forte lies in dissecting the ego and self-identity. Lead single “Rebirth Mantra” is one of those moments. Amidst a pummeling riff, Fuentes unravels his fears of falling into the same patterns that have failed him before.

In this introspective journey, he envisions a transformed version of himself—one that is "cool, calm, collected" and "present without fear." It's a manifestation, conjuring a more courageous, caring, and empathetic self, free from hesitation. It's a spiritual rejuvenation, a resonant chord that strikes a universal note, reminding us all of the quest for a better version of ourselves.


1. Conscious Dust

2. Rebirth Mantra 

3. Alternate Reality

4. Slow Collapse

5. The Pattern

6. Stars & Sea

7. Micro Details of the Universe

8. Phasing

9. Surrender

10. Never Wake Up

11. Credits to My Life