Trans Future

Scream On The Inside

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Scream On The Inside is the debut LP by Trans Future.

Released: May 06, 2022

Pressing Info: First run;
• Pink/Blue shell w/ Purple ink (Label variant of 54)
• White shells w/ Purple ink (Band variant of 100)
• Lavender shells w/ Purple ink (Retail variant of 100)
• CD - x500

Self-described as “new wave, soul 'n' roll” music, Trans Future’s show promises soul-filled melodies from vocalist Kateena Bell, hard rock-inspired guitar tones from Chris Knudson, a strong bass by Jason Ward and solid drum line by Jesse Rockwood.

Trans Future simultaneously occupies light and fun, depressive, dreamy and slightly ethereal — all with big, big energy and “more hooks than a tackle box,” Ward said. He described each song on “Scream On The Inside” as existing in its own little word, while still keeping under the Trans Future umbrella.

Side T -

A1 - Next To You
A2 - Better Days
A3 - Cult .45
A4 - Lemon Girl
A5 - Just Like Me

Side F -

B1 - Imaginary Friends
B2 - Chords
B3 - Fake Blood
B4 - White Van Scare
B5 - Blue Sunshine