Itchy Kitty

Money Tape

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Money Tape is an EP compilation album by Itchy Kitty.

Released: April 08, 2022

Pressing Info: First run; Red shell w/ Black ink (Label variant of 54), White shells w/ Blue ink (Band variant of 104), Black shells w/ Blue ink (Retail variant of 102)

We went ahead and combined both of Itchy Kitty's, 2 EPs into one stellar compilation cassette titled Money Tape. Side A features the tracks from Feargasm and Side B features the tracks from the digital only release of Under The Covers. These cassettes are professionally dubbed and manufactured and include digital download cards.

Side A - ( Songs by Itchy Kitty, originally from the Feargasm EP)

A1 - Fish Money
A2 - Meet My Master
A3 - Razorface
A4 - Queen Of Halloween
A5 - Sexy Requiem

Side B - ( Side B songs written by Dead Boys, GG Allin, Talking Heads & Bauhaus and performed by Itchy Kitty, originally from the Under The Covers EP)

B1 - Sonic Reducer
B2 - Don't Talk To Me
B3 - Psycho Killer
B4 - Dark Entries