Indian Goat


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II is the sophomore LP by Indian Goat.

Released: May 25, 2018

Pressing Info: First run;
• CD - x500 (w/ screen printed cases)
• Smoke shell w/ White ink (x99; home-dubbed w/ hand, screen-printed shells)

"Indian Goat, a duo producing down-and-dirty, no-bullshit rock predicated on the kind of heavy-duty riffs that don't sound too complex but will bounce around in your head for days. They're enough to inspire visions of vintage Black Sabbath and early-'70s Led Zeppelin.

But simplicity (at least in this case) isn't necessarily synonymous with "simplistic": Indian Goat has found a distinct musical persona in a short amount of time, and they're heavy and loud enough that you might be surprised to see only two dudes, guitarist/vocalist Garrett Zanol and drummer Travis Tveit, up there on the stage." - Nathan Weinbender; The Inlander

Indian Goat II was recorded by Garrett Zanol and Travis Tveit in Spokane WA in their basement. Mixing was done by Zanol. Mastering was done by Jimmy Hill at Amplified Wax recording studios in Spokane WA. 


A1 - 2
A2 - Dreamin'
A3 - The Road
A4 - Knockin' 
A5 - So High

B1 - Black Pearl
B2 - Doll
B3 - Bleed

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