Indian Goat


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I is the debut LP by Indian Goat.

Released: July 25, 2017

Pressing Info: First run;
• CD - x500 (w/ screen printed cases)
• Clear shell w/ Black ink (x99; home-dubbed w/ hand, screen-printed shells)

"Indian Goat, a duo producing down-and-dirty, no-bullshit rock predicated on the kind of heavy-duty riffs that don't sound too complex but will bounce around in your head for days. They're enough to inspire visions of vintage Black Sabbath and early-'70s Led Zeppelin.

But simplicity (at least in this case) isn't necessarily synonymous with "simplistic": Indian Goat has found a distinct musical persona in a short amount of time, and they're heavy and loud enough that you might be surprised to see only two dudes, guitarist/vocalist Garrett Zanol and drummer Travis Tveit, up there on the stage." - Nathan Weinbender; The Inlander

Indian Goat I was written & produced by Garrett Zanol and Travis Tveit in Spokane WA. Recorded by Garrett Zanol, Travis Tveit, Joel Drexel + Wilson and Steve at Avalon Records. Mixed and mastered by Garrett Zanol.


A1 - Silver Time
A2 - Medicate My Blood
A3 - Dead Wrong
A4 - Belltown Burn 

B1 - Jailhouse Mongol
B2 - Aileen Wuornos
B3 - Imagine That

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