Bad Motivator


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Protocool is an EP by Bad Motivator; also their second release.

Released: July 16, 2021

Pressing Info: First run;
• Black shell w/ Silver-metallic ink (x105; Professionally dubbed.)

"Bad Motivator are a boisterous, garage-rock/punk outfit from the Inland Northwest. Coming from Spokane, WA. Bad Motivator deliver loud, fast, surf-and-fuzz-driven rock ‘n’ roll which is complemented by Ian Nelson’s cynical and frigid lyrics. Bad Motivator take pride in the organic camaraderie between members Ian, Joey, Garrett, and Scottie, which drives show-goers in during their live sets showcasing their sarcastic sense of humor, the sonic connection of their musicianship, and the playful banter that occurs between songs.

Bad Motivator were established in July 2017, when Nelson set out to create music inspired by the punk godfathers of the 70s with a modern, garage-rock flare that had pleased his sonic senses since his teenage years. Bad Motivator have since then signed with up-and-coming record label CorpoRat Records. In June of 2019, Bad Motivator released their debut album, Pleasure Island, and have plans to release an EP in the coming spring." - New Noise Magazine

Tracklisting: (same on both sides)

A1. Sad Boy

A2. Protocool

A3. Lawn Pigs

A4. Bad Taste

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